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Fatal Accidents

The loss of a loved one is a devastating event and can place an enormous strain on you and your family. In addition to the emotional worries, there may also be the added worry of how you will cope financially long term. If the death of your loved one has been caused by somebody else, then you and your family may be able to claim compensation.

Each year collisions on the roads in the U.K, accidents at work, industrial disease and medical negligence account collectively for thousands of serious injuries and unfortunately in a significant number of deaths.

Suffered a personal injury due to a slip or trip?

Our specialist team of lawyers understand the significant impact a death can have on families. Our sympathetic and experienced lawyers can advise you and your family on your rights to receive compensation following the death of a loved one due to an accident or medical negligence or industrial illness.

By instructing Jira Solicitors, bereaved partners and family members can rely on our specialist Fatal Accident claims solicitors to handle the claims relating to their deceased loved one’s with sensitivity and empathy.

We shall ensure that we maximise the compensation recovered in order to secure the best possible quality of life for you and the dependant’s of the deceased love one and to secure your family’s financial future often affected due to the loss of the main breadwinner in the family.

The Fatal Accident claims solicitors at Jiva Solicitors have successfully pursued Fatal Accident claims for clients recovering substantial compensation on behalf of the families of those who have been sadly killed in road traffic accidents and due to industrial illness, such as asbestos related diseases.

We provide a free initial advice and no obligation service. We will take your instructions to enable us to pursue the Fatal Accident claim on behalf of your loved one’s estate and to advise you on the steps in making such a claim.

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What is the process for making a claim?

Initial Consultations

Here we will discuss your claim with you and the circumstances surrounding the claim. At this stage, we will assess whether we think that you have a case.

Information Gathering

We will send you to an Independent Medical advisor to assess your injuries. Our team of experienced lawyers will also investigate the circumstances around your case, and will gather information relevant to your claim.


We will work with you and our independent medical advisors to determine the best course of rehabilitation for your injuries.


Jiva Solicitors will work out how much compensation you are entitled to, taking into account the severity of your injuries, your pain, loss of earnings, medical expenses, travel expenses, any mobility aids / or mobility adaptations to your home.


If successful in the claim, this is where you will be awarded the compensation.

We provide a free initial advice and no obligation service.

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