Occupational dermatitis is the inflammation of your skin which is caused by contact with certain hazardous substances or other elements of your working environment. Dermatitis not contagious, so it can’t spread from one person to another. Most often dermatitis is only found on the hands, as your hands are the most exposed part of your body at work which is most likely to be in contact with substances triggering skin reactions.

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Dermatitis can present itself in different ways.

Dermatitis Examples

For example your skin may show:

Redness and dryness




Blistering, cracking or weeping

Scaling and flaking

Blotchiness of the skin

Symptoms of dermatitis can vary depending on the contact period and substance. Are you suffering from these dermatitis symptoms as a result of your work? Then we can help you claim occupational dermatitis compensation.

Examples of such causative agents

Dermatitis Causes

Certain substances are more likely to aggravate your skin than others. Dermatitis can develop by either regular contact with a weaker substance, or short-term exposure to a much stronger irritant. Substances that can cause dermatitis are also known as causative agents.






Your employer should provide you with adequate protection

Work-related dermatitis

The list of substances and atmospheres that can result in dermatitis is much longer than this, as even repetitive and long-term exposure to water can cause the condition to develop. Of course, if you work around a causative agent like one listed above every day then it’s hard to avoid coming into contact with it. However, your employer should provide you with adequate protection such as gloves so that you don’t develop or trigger dermatitis. We understand that having any type of work-related dermatitis symptoms can be irritating, and can negatively affect your everyday life.

If you have suffered from dermatitis from work then we can help you with your occupational dermatitis claim.

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